About US

Stark Video was founded in 1995 by Todd Stark, a videographer, photographer, editor and a part 107 licensed drone pilot. From the very beginning, Todd had a clear vision for his company – to provide clients with high-quality video and photography services that would help them to promote their businesses, products, and events.

In the early days, Stark Video primarily focused on event photography and videography, capturing the special moments of weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. But as Todd’s reputation grew, so did the scope of his business. He began to receive more and more requests for corporate and promotional photography and video, and it wasn’t long before Stark Video had established itself as one of the most sought-after providers of these services in the area.

Over the years, Stark Video has grown to become a full-service video and photography company, with the ability to shoot all aspects of photography, including event, corporate, promotional, portrait, family and product photography. Todd and his team use a full studio lighting as well as the highest quality camera equipment to ensure the best quality for their clients.

One of the things that sets Stark Video apart from its competitors is the company’s personalized approach. Todd and his team take the time to listen to what each client needs and tailor their services to meet those needs. They understand that every client is different, and they work closely with each one to ensure that the final product is something that they can be proud of.

Today, Stark Video continues to thrive, and Todd and his team are proud to have helped so many businesses, organizations, and individuals to promote themselves and their events through the power of video and photography. They look forward to many more years of creating.